Download Cymera for PC or Computer Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Free

Cymera for PC Download

Cymera is a beautiful cam app is available for free use in android devices, iOS devices and in iPhones. Cymera for PC is still not available. For this reason Cymera for PC article is here to show you the guidelines of how to use this beautiful Survival Mod APK & Hack Download. Cymera has versatile features and editing tools that helps in making your photo look photogenic. We have a sweet and small procedure of downloading Cymera for PC, but before that let’s take you to the beautiful features of this app.

Cymera Features

Cymera app for pc

  • In built album helps you in arranging your videos and photos in the synchronized manner
  • 7 different types of lenses helps in creating your picture perfect snaps
  • The direct link is provided to share the edited photos in Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites.
  • A simple user friendly interface runs in one tap only.
  • So many of fascinating borders, lighting effects and filters to create a unique picture.
  • Cymera also supports DSLR effects too.

Cymera for PC Guidelines

You can get Cymera for PC downloaded through a very simple procedure. Please go after the one by one guidelines and this beautiful photo editing application will be in your personal computer in a couple of minutes.

You must have installed android emulator for this. Bluestacks is the best android emulator that helps in transferring android applications in PC. So we will start our process with installing Bluestacks App Player.

  • Install bluestacks and open it in your PC.
  • Same as Google play store here also you will find search and install tab.
  • Write Cymera in search tool and then after click on install tab.
  • Your app is installing into bluestacks wait for some time.
  • Once you see that installation is successfully done go back to bluestacks>App>Player main page.
  • Now click on the Cymera icon and you are ready to use this app from now.

Don’t worries there is no installation charge or hidden cost in process of downloading scr pro 2 app for PC. You can fully enjoy this digital camera app in your windows.

Download Sudoku App for Android

Sudoku is a logic-based, cross-word combination, brain puzzle game. It is a puzzle that is very popular in Japan. It was developed in Indianapolis in 1979, published by Howard Garns the game was the appeared in Dell Magazines. To play, a person needs a Sudoku grid and a pen or pencil. You must fill the empty box, column, row without using a number twice. Many books have been created containing tips and strategies for completing Sudoku.


  • It is the world’s most advanced Sudoku learning tool.
  • It doesn’t only provide hint but also explains why this answer is possible it.
  • Five perfectly balanced level to play this game Breezy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.
  • Two beautiful grid styles, light or dark grid font with adjustable size.
  • It has an Endless collection of masterful puzzles and also provides help in detail to keep track of your progress.
  • The game includes Auto fill Notes, Auto clear Notes, Auto Error Checking Option & Unlimited Undo/Redo option while using Pencil marks.
  • Make a Top Score in Sudoku and create a History in Real Time Competition

Sudoku Game

How to download a Sudoku game for Android?

  • Firstly open a play store on your phone & search for cross- word puzzle game many related appear on the screen.
  • Open farming Simulator 2018 mods by GIANTS Software, and then tap INSTALL to download it & ACCEPT for the further process.
  • When download completed then tap on DONE. A shortcut will be created on Home screen.
  • Then Open the app and start playing Sudoku mind game with excitement.

Sudoku is a mind puzzle game by Brainium Studio. It has many noted solutions in the book to solve puzzle successfully. It is a mind twisted game while playing game click on the hint for the solution it not only gives a solution but also explains the answer why this is for it. Practice the Sudoku game daily and make mind powerful, sharp, and intelligent, etc.

How to Use Laptop as Wi-Fi Repeater

Now you can use your desktop or laptop as a Wi-Fi extender for your smart gadgets. In this article we are going to share beautiful tips of how to use Laptop or PC as a Wi-Fi extender. You can use this facility where you find the weak internet connection. The wireless repeaters are the best solution to get the good at increasing wireless signals. If your PC does not have such kind of portability you can buy wireless USB Adapter from online shops. It is available in very cheap rates. Wireless USB adapter plays an important role in the computer to make a single wireless network into a wireless repeater.

Here are the following methods to use laptop as a Wi-Fi repeater


System Requirements:

  • For this process your laptop or desktop must have wireless USB Adapter, system with Windows XP SP2. The system requirement is must to resume the process.
  • You must download any of the software like connective, My Public Wi-Fi or Mary Fi software into your PC or Desktop. All software is available in the internet for free download.
  2. MyPublicWiWiFi
  • All these software are easy to install from its official website. This helps the PC to use the internet connection and shares it into other gadgets through wireless device.
  • You require a good internet connection.
  • Now let’s start the process.
  • Click to settings tab.
  • Now enter the hotspot name of your network.
  • Enter secure 8 digit password.
  • Select the network you want to share like Ethernet network or USB dongle.
  • Go in Advance Settings tab. Now select the wireless option from the Share-over drop down list. Now select the security mode in the Sharing-Mode drop down list.
  • Now hit on “starts hotspot” button.

And now your laptop is become the wireless router. Now you can run your smart gadgets with this beautiful process. But keep in mind your router name and password. This is necessary to allow your Smartphone using laptop’s wireless router. The process is simple and easy to follow. Hope you like this article and share it with others too.

Netgear Extenders and Its Benefits

Wi-Fi Extender Definition

In today’s era there is no future without computer and internet. Computer technology interacts with us by internet. Internet becomes the important part of our daily lives. But somehow it disturbs when we do not get the complete home coverage of WAP (Wi-FI Accessing Points). This trouble shoots to every large home. There may be some reasons of obstacles like infrastructures, walls, basements and top floors. To remove this interference wireless extenders are really a good option to deliver the good home network. It enhances good Wi-Fi coverage within your home network.

Wi-Fi Extender

Netgear wifi extender

Wi-Fi Extenders is a single radio and channel to become the medium to remove the obstacles coming between a dead spot to WAP. This is one useful device that relay the data between the dead spot and AP. In a simple word it is a bridge that removes the communication gap between the AP and client. It extends the home coverage area and overcome to all hurdles and obstacles coming in between the network area.

What are the Benefits of Extender

  • It is a wireless extender device gives you better home network coverage in the minimal cost.
  • Provides your wireless connection, no needed Ethernet cable to connect.
  • Wireless wall plug extender easy to install in the dead spots.
  • Wi-Fi analytics app is installed to measure the strength of coverage area.
  • In just not increases the coverage performance but also extends the internet speed.
  • Netgear Extender is a reliable source to reach the network performance in the certain areas of the home.
  • Extender supports the existing router to increase the home network and decrease the chance of the path loss between the router and the dead location.

Ethernet Cable option is also available at low cost. But it is very difficult to handle cables every time. Wireless extender is a good choice for the one who needs breakthrough network coverage without any disturbance. There are various types of Netgear Extender products available as per your requirement, you can buy online and give your dead zone an interference free network.

Swollen Uvula and What are Causes and Remedies

Uvula is actually placed on the back of tongue. It is bell-shaped soft palate which plays a most important role in speech. Uvula supports the food to swallow and prevents bacteria and infection entering into body. A Swollen Uvula therefore creates a problem in chewing food, swallowing food, water into stomach. Mostly people know it as tonsils, but it is not true. Here is the proper info about causes of swollen inflamed uvula and treatments.

Causes of Swollen Uvula

Swollen Uvula

Swollen Uvula happens due to damage of mucus membrane that is present surround the Uvula. It is also called as Uvilitis. Uvilitis can occur due to many things

  • Dehydration
  • Bacterial or viral infection. This happens due to viral infection, if someone having Uvilitis it can viral others.
  • Excess use of tobacco, cigarette can lead to this disease.
  • Due to frequent snoring
  • Acid r reflux
  • Tonsillitis
  • Common cold

Remedies to treat Swollen Uvula

  1. It occurs mostly due to dehydration. Take lots of fluids, water, juices to rehydrate the Uvula.
  2. A sore throat or we can say tonsillitis can become the second good cause for Uvilitis. Use salt water and gargle every half n hour and don’t drink regular water after this gargle.
  3. If you still don’t get it, please consult the ENT specialist. They will give you the antibiotics proper dose which will help to treat Uvula faster.
  4. In allergic reaction steroids become the best solution for reducing pain, inflammation and redness.
  5. If still swelling occurs it can be treated with epinephrine or adrenaline injection.
  6. Instead of salt-water gargles you can also gargle the apple cider vinegar water in warm water.
  7. Turmeric is the best antibacterial herbal remedy for treating sore throat condition. Take a glass of warm water mix turmeric and pinch of salt. Take it in the night before you go to sleep.
  8. Basil leaves also helps in preventing inflammation and treating Uvilitis.
  9. If you are drinking or smoking, please stop it immediately till Uvilitis doesn’t get cured.

So here are the causes of swollen uvula and herbal remedies for it. All these best home remedies can also used to remove the cough and cold. This is a non-toxic and safest way to cure Uvilitis.


How to Download Soma Messenger for PC

Soma is a latest instant messaging application used for HD Video calling facility. Soma application is easily available to download in android Smartphone and iOS phones from Google play store. Still Soma Messenger for PC version is not launched. But android emulator software is a midway to run Soma Messenger in Windows 10/8.1/8/7. Bluestacks is one android emulator software available to download free of cost from Google play store. But before we move into the guidelines of how to install free cartoon HD apk through bluestacks, let us show you the key features of brand new app Soma.

SOMA Messenger

Soma Features

  • A multitasking app allows unlimited video calling, messaging, voices calls and sharing messages worldwide.
  • Soma messenger is known as the world’s fastest messaging application worldwide.
  • It has a great quality voice calling and HD video calls without buffering.
  • Resumes faster in any kind of operating systems.
  • No international roaming charges, you are free to do phone calls and video calls without costing any.
  • You can do a group chat with maximum of 500 people.
  • It shows you the delivery message when you send the message to Soma users.

How to Install Soma Messenger for PC

Now let’s start the process of how to download telegram for pc using bluestacks app player. You must have good internet connectivity for this. You computer must have installed latest graphic version too. And if you want to enjoy video calls you must have webcam and headphones in your computer.

  • First search and download bluestacks android emulator in PC.
  • Now open the bluestacks app in your computer screen.
  • In the home page search Soma messenger app.
  • Now click on install tab.
  • Go to bluestacks app player page and click on installed app.

Your app is installed and now you are able to do free phone calls, voice calls, and HD video calls in the big screen of computer. Certainly this is pretty simple way to download Soma for PC. So what are you waiting for, just install it and enjoy connecting with the family and friends worldwide.