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Sudoku is a logic-based, cross-word combination, brain puzzle game. It is a puzzle that is very popular in Japan. It was developed in Indianapolis in 1979, published by Howard Garns the game was the appeared in Dell Magazines. To play, a person needs a Sudoku grid and a pen or pencil. You must fill the empty box, column, row without using a number twice. Many books have been created containing tips and strategies for completing Sudoku.


  • It is the world’s most advanced Sudoku learning tool.
  • It doesn’t only provide hint but also explains why this answer is possible it.
  • Five perfectly balanced level to play this game Breezy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.
  • Two beautiful grid styles, light or dark grid font with adjustable size.
  • It has an Endless collection of masterful puzzles and also provides help in detail to keep track of your progress.
  • The game includes Auto fill Notes, Auto clear Notes, Auto Error Checking Option & Unlimited Undo/Redo option while using Pencil marks.
  • Make a Top Score in Sudoku and create a History in Real Time Competition

Sudoku Game

How to download a Sudoku game for Android?

  • Firstly open a play store on your phone & search for cross- word puzzle game many related appear on the screen.
  • Open farming Simulator 2018 mods by GIANTS Software, and then tap INSTALL to download it & ACCEPT for the further process.
  • When download completed then tap on DONE. A shortcut will be created on Home screen.
  • Then Open the app and start playing Sudoku mind game with excitement.

Sudoku is a mind puzzle game by Brainium Studio. It has many noted solutions in the book to solve puzzle successfully. It is a mind twisted game while playing game click on the hint for the solution it not only gives a solution but also explains the answer why this is for it. Practice the Sudoku game daily and make mind powerful, sharp, and intelligent, etc.

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