How to Use Laptop as Wi-Fi Repeater

Now you can use your desktop or laptop as a Wi-Fi extender for your smart gadgets. In this article we are going to share beautiful tips of how to use Laptop or PC as a Wi-Fi extender. You can use this facility where you find the weak internet connection. The wireless repeaters are the best solution to get the good at increasing wireless signals. If your PC does not have such kind of portability you can buy wireless USB Adapter from online shops. It is available in very cheap rates. Wireless USB adapter plays an important role in the computer to make a single wireless network into a wireless repeater.

Here are the following methods to use laptop as a Wi-Fi repeater


System Requirements:

  • For this process your laptop or desktop must have wireless USB Adapter, system with Windows XP SP2. The system requirement is must to resume the process.
  • You must download any of the software like connective, My Public Wi-Fi or Mary Fi software into your PC or Desktop. All software is available in the internet for free download.
  2. MyPublicWiWiFi
  • All these software are easy to install from its official website. This helps the PC to use the internet connection and shares it into other gadgets through wireless device.
  • You require a good internet connection.
  • Now let’s start the process.
  • Click to settings tab.
  • Now enter the hotspot name of your network.
  • Enter secure 8 digit password.
  • Select the network you want to share like Ethernet network or USB dongle.
  • Go in Advance Settings tab. Now select the wireless option from the Share-over drop down list. Now select the security mode in the Sharing-Mode drop down list.
  • Now hit on “starts hotspot” button.

And now your laptop is become the wireless router. Now you can run your smart gadgets with this beautiful process. But keep in mind your router name and password. This is necessary to allow your Smartphone using laptop’s wireless router. The process is simple and easy to follow. Hope you like this article and share it with others too.

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