Windows 10 updates as part of the August Patch Tuesday are ready for download

Monthly patches available.

Every second Tuesday of the month is the day Microsoft releases update packages for Windows 10. Patches as part of Patch Tuesday should be available on all computers with Windows 10 in 1903, 1803, 1709, 1703, 1607 and 1507.

What’s new in the KB4512508 update for the latest build? For computers with Windows May 2019 Update, mainly changes related to security patches – they are invisible to users. read more

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mcafee antivirus

McAfee anti-virus after updating does not allow logging in to Windows

Many people around the world wiped their eyes in amazement when, after updating the McAfee Endpoint Security 10.2 anti-virus software database, they could not log into their Windows system. The patch for McAfee at the beginning of the week, marked with number 9418, was especially effective in companies whose employees thought they had fallen victim to ransomware. read more

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Hackers in the service of North Korea.

North Korean cyberspace experts have stolen $ 2 billion. The money thus obtained was allocated to the development of programs related to weapons of mass destruction.
A panel of experts monitoring compliance with UN sanctions by North Korea has prepared a confidential report on this subject. According to Reuters, which gained access to the document, Korean hackers carried out cyber attacks on behalf of the General Scout Office. It is the most important military intelligence agency in the DPRK. Criminals’ activities targeted financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges. Money laundering also took place in cyberspace. read more

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ip address

How to change your IP – practical guide (not only for advanced)

Probably many of you using the Internet have certainly heard the term “IP address” together with a combination of four numbers separated by periods. What for some internet and IT enthusiasts is a standard and as obvious as e.g. the area code for Berlin, for others it is still an unknown concept, which may require a broader explanation. What’s more, only a small group know that with the help of certain technological facilities we can manipulate this address (on: we can change it as we like). read more

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