10 tips for Windows to improve security

Let’s see how to quickly and effectively protect your data and your computer.

All the programs described below can be downloaded from DOWNLOAD.CNET.COM

How to securely store passwords locally or on a pendrive

The KeePass Password Safe application allows you to create a file with a database containing our passwords. All you have to do is set a single password to secure the database of all our passwords. The application is also available in a portable version.

How to securely store your online passwords and synchronize them between devices

Thanks to the LastPass application, which integrates with web browsers, we will create an account that will store our passwords in the cloud. When logging in to a specific site, you must provide your LastPass account data, and the required fields will be filled with information stored in the cloud, regardless of the device on which you log on.

How to detect unwanted software in program installers

Unchecky watches during the installation of programs. When it detects that the installer is trying to place potentially unwanted software on our disk, we will be notified. We can continue the installation or discontinue it.

How to protect your computer against the harmful effects of suspicious applications from an unreliable source

With the Sandboxie program, we have the ability to run selected applications in a special protection zone. In the text field, we complete the path to the application that we want to run through the program. In addition, Sandboxie allows you to set limitations on access to networks, files, drivers and other resources to run applications.

How to protect yourself from spying in Windows 10

With the help of the “O & O ShutUp10” program, we will disable Windows 10 features, which we consider undesirable. A list divided into categories is available in the program window. After selecting the function, we will see its description (in English). Using the switches, we decide which functions should be active and which ones should not.

How to help the anti-virus in protecting our computer

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a on-demand scanner, useful as an additional security feature, when the anti-virus we use does not cope with the detection of our computer’s infection. Scanning is started using the Scan Now button.

How to create a secure backup of your data

Thanks to the CrashPlan program, we have the possibility to create a backup of our data. In the Destinations tab, we decide where we want to store a copy of the data. We can put it in the cloud or on the local disk.

How to log in using face recognition

McAfee True Key is a tool that acts as a password manager. What distinguishes this application is the ability to log into it not only using the main password, but also through the biometric face recognition function.

How to encrypt a file, folder or entire disk

We can use the 7-Zip application to encrypt files or folders. In its window, just select the files and folders that you want to encrypt, and then select the Add option.

How to permanently delete files without the possibility of recovering them

Eraser is an application that permanently deletes files from the disk. To select files to be deleted, right-click in the program window, select New Task, then Add Data, then fill in the next window, indicating what type of resources we want to clear, and selecting the method. The CCleaner also has a similar function.

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