An automatic braking system saved the life of the Tesla driver


The camera mounted in Tesla identified the high-speed car approaching and braked for a fraction of a second before the impact, just after the Model 3 driver entered the intersection.

If the car did not have an automatic braking system installed, the driver could die driving under the wheels of a raging madman, or into a car going to the right. It is also not excluded that the accident would not have occurred at all if all vehicles at the intersection were equipped with a similar system as at Tesla. You can watch the recording from the event below.

There is still a discussion about whether the artificial intelligence systems installed in cars are safe for users. We recently informed about the driver of Model X, according to which he could not take control of the car, resulting in an accident. It is worth noting, however, that at the moment it is difficult to say whether the software was fault or simply the driver defends himself against accusations of causing an accident.

Currently, artificial intelligence systems in cars are not yet advanced enough to take full control of the vehicle. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this. Tesla requires that when driving a car with the Autopilot turned on, the driver kept his hands on the steering wheel and followed the route. It happens that some people try to fool the AI with, for example, an orange. For this reason, road collisions are sometimes serious. However, there are many recordings on the network that prove that AI also saves lives. So it was undoubtedly also in this case.

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