Apple TV +: Apple electrified by results

A week after the official opening of the Apple TV + ports, Apple's streaming service, the time has come to trace the first budget for the Cupertino company. And, although the group did not want to publicly disclose any data relating to the number of subscribers and the most popular shows, some sources speak of an Apple particularly "thrilled"From the newly formed platform.

As already announced this morning, Apple has already decided to renew for a second season the main shows of the Apple TV + lineup, including "The Morning Show", "See," For All Mankind "and" Dickinson ". A choice that, albeit indirectly, highlights how Apple TV + left with the right foot, finding the satisfaction of the spectators.

According to some anonymous informants, whose statements were collected by The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, Apple would be "thrilled”For the results obtained in the first three days of availability of Apple TV +. The four main shows, the very ones that got the promotion for the second season, would have attracted "millions of spectators". At the moment, however, no more precise data have been provided.

At this stage it is however difficult to make forecasts, since it is not known how many users will actually subscribe to the platform. In fact, signing up for Apple TV + provides 7 days of free viewing, therefore it cannot be ruled out that most users have decided to open an account out of curiosity, taking advantage of the trial period. Still, the Cupertino group has decided to associate a year of free viewing with the purchase of a bitten apple device, starting from last September 10th.

The catalog is currently not too rich, but Apple plans to add new productions from month to month. For example, on November 28 "Servant" will arrive, while on December 6 "Truth Be Told" and the film "Hala", the latter after a brief film release. Meanwhile, it seems that the Cupertino group is already working on another 30 or 40 productions.

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