Apple TV +: many series already renewed at Season 2

Apple TV +, Apple's video streaming service, is taking its first week of life today. And although the Cupertino group has not yet communicated information on the number of views of its series, it seems that many have already met the approval of the public. It is indirectly revealed by the company's decision to renew many productions in real time second season.

As confirmed by MacRumors, the Apple Park company has decided to promote most of the productions present since the first day of availability of Apple TV +, thus ensuring fans an excellent narrative continuity. Users will be able to take advantage, presumably next year, of a second season of "The Morning Show", "See", "For All Mankind" and "Dickinson".

Regarding "The Morning Show", The drama starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, the news does not come as a surprise. Apple had in fact decided to grant a second season before the official opening of Apple TV +, so much so that the recording of the new episodes would have already begun.

Not even the decision to renew is surprisingFor All Mankind"- a look at the space race of the 1960s, analyzing what would have happened if the Russians had arrived first on the Moon – because a real public and critical success. Most of the reviews appeared online these days seem to all agree in defining "For All Mankind" the best series currently available on Apple TV +, so a season 2 appears not only obvious, but a must. Similar speech for “Dickinson", The irreverent show that imagines the life of Emily Dickinson in an 1800 characterized by a language typical of 2019, which has already become a small cult among fans.

"If it's", The epic series with Jason Momoa based on a universe where the sense of sight has been lost, could instead represent a bet. The first three episodes did not raise huge public and critical enthusiasm – despite the fact that on the eve it was even defined as the heir to "Game of Thrones" – with only 41% result from experts on Rotten Tomatoes. Apple, however, shows great confidence, so surprises cannot be excluded starting from the fourth episode.

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