Arlo presents Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell is a smart bell equipped with high resolution video and two-way audio. A new product for the smart home designed to allow people to see what other video bells are unable to shoot. In fact, this device has a vertical visual field that allows users to have a broad and detailed view of their entrance.

Arlo Video Doorbell offers HD picture quality and two-way audio. Thanks also to a square frame that allows users to have a complete view of everything that happens in front of the door, people will be able to identify visitors and interact directly with them. This smart device from Arlo also allows direct-to-mobile video calls and offers personalized alerts to report the detection of packages, people, vehicles or animals, allowing users to act quickly. Arlo Video Doorbell can also be safely connected to a mechanical or digital music box and easily installed in homes.

The debut in stores in Europe is expected at the beginning of 2020. The videos taken from this smart video doorbell are also suitable for viewing on smartphones. This means that you can control the entrance of your home anywhere through your mobile device.

To communicate with those who will ring at the bell, Arlo Video Doorbell will directly start one video call in HD on the user's smartphone every time the bell is pressed. Users will not have to do anything but respond to the video call to make direct contact with their visitors, with whom they can communicate via two-way audio or pre-recorded messages.

Who will buy this product will receive Arlo Smart for a three-month free trial, a cloud platform on which to save recorded videos for 30 days.

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