Black Friday makes digital payments fly

Although there are still no precise numbers on how Black Friday went, the tools of digital payment they have certainly been among the absolute protagonists of the black Friday shopping discounts. Second nexi, the Italian PayTech leader in digital payments, during this period of shopping, digital payments accelerated significantly compared to last year. Hand numbers, a 10.3% increase in the value of transactions was recorded.

Very wellecommerce which saw an almost double strengthening: + 19.5%. To better understand the importance of these numbers, Nexi points out that compared to a typical week of 2019, that of Black Friday saw an increase in spending volumes of 23%, with peaks of + 50% on the ecommerce channel. Overall, therefore, Friday 29 November saw an overall increase of 9% (e-commerce + 11%).

It will therefore be much more interesting to analyze the complete picture of this shopping period when all the final numbers arrive but the feeling is that there has been a real boom in purchases, especially through the online channel.

Explains, in fact, Roberto Catanzaro, Nexi Business Development Director:

In the week of Black Friday the dynamics of purchases has been driven by the anticipated promotions of many retailers, especially online: we have seen significant increases compared to 2018 already last weekend, especially on ecommerce where we have observed peaks of + 50% in certain bands hourly. On the physical channel, on the other hand, the increase is accelerated homogeneously during all the days, with a particularly positive first part of Friday 29: in these hours we are managing a volume of up to 10 thousand transactions per minute on Nexi platforms. It is interesting to note that on the physical channel there is a significant increase in the number of transactions, a sign of “shopping around” behavior on the part of the consumer, while on the e-commerce channel the amount of average spending also grows, to witness an ever-increasing confidence in online shopping.

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