Bittorent protocol information

BitTorrent is a collaborative file-sharing protocol that is ideal for quickly distributing large amounts of data. Unlike other file-sharing techniques, BitTorrent does not rely on a cross-file sharing network, but builds a separate distribution network for each file.

To participate in the distribution of the data of a torrent, the client usually uses a torrent file (filename extension .torrent or .tor). This contains the IP address (or host name) of the tracker as well as the file name, size and a list of checksums of segments of the data to be downloaded (one or more files). Torrent files can be created with many available bittorrent clients. In this case, the initial Seeder Peer (seeder) must establish the link to the file to be offered as a torrent and keep it available. read more

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Skype allows you to make video calls with 50 people

I have stopped using Skype for a long time. I run video calls on FaceTime, and Telegram has been my daily communicator for years. And although the communication tool in the Microsoft edition is still being developed and expanded, so my previous adventures with Skype – mainly due to the “refreshed” look of his mobile page, effectively discouraged me. I will not use the new feature, which eventually came to the application, but I know that there are people in the world who have been waiting for this type of function for years. read more

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bitcoin mining virus

“Surprise” in the Windows Store. Applications have been mining cryptocurrencies

It is sometimes said that Microsoft bravely fights the problems that he created himself. This is not quite the case – some are a normal trend, which unfortunately does not bypass Redmond and when this company doubles up and develops even the central repository for Windows, it receives a blow similar to Android. read more

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windows 95 logo

Do you remember Windows 95 and these great games ?

To install Windows 95 on your computer at this time is to ask for death – even if you want to “just play”. Virtual machine – this is a better option, but you still need to “play” a bit. And what if you could download literally one file and play as much as your heart desires? The creators of the “electron” version of Windows 95 have something for you – from now on in the new version! read more

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How to disable password logging in Windows 10

Logging in using a Microsoft account not only protects our data, but also allows you to synchronize settings between different devices on which we use Windows. However, if login is cumbersome to us and we do not need this security, we can change the “online account” to local and disable the need to enter the password. Here’s how to do it. read more

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How to install drivers after a clean install of Windows ?

What is Driver Pack Solution ?

Driverpack is an advanced driver package that allows you to quickly install all the necessary drivers with a single click of the mouse. Imagine that you decided to reinstall the system, your next step will be to install all the necessary drivers, the first step you took is to download each driver from the manufacturer website, but with driverpack you can skip this stage because the program contains all the necessary drivers in one database that we can install with one mouse click. read more

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How to rename multiple files using Multi File Renamer ?

Hello people, if you are website developer or programmer probably sometimes you need to change filename for multiple files, as you know it takes a lot of time if you have let say 1000 files to rename, but there is one great tool which can change your life and help you to do this thing with one simple click 🙂 the tool name is “Multi File Renamer“. read more

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