China registers the face to those who want a new SIM

There is no limit to the Chinese dystopia and this time it still centers facial recognition. In these days a provision has come into force that is rather arguing: who wants to subscribe a telephone contract and then buy a new one SIM Card in China it will inevitably have to confirm its identity towards the operator with facial recognition. In short, with this system it will be much more difficult to connect to the internet or use a smartphone anonymously.

Even before the provision in China, to request a new SIM, an identity document had to be shown, as happens in many other areas of the world. The measure has been described by the Minister of Industry and Information as a way to "protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens in cyberspace". In short, it is sold as an additional security measure to be sure that whoever signs the contract is actually who he claims to be.

The guidelines say that the telephone companies must be in the field artificial intelligence systems or other technical methods to know the identity of people who register new SIM cards. All physical stores expired on December 1st to adapt.

The person's face will then be scanned by video cameras and analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms, which will extrapolate the facial features and compare them to those of the identity card. Apart from the problem of facial recognition itself, the provision does not say how long telephone companies will be able to keep the data of the scanned faces. It could therefore be not only a security measure, but also a rather sophisticated way of easily collecting user data to nip the dissent that runs on the Internet in the bud.

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