Cyber ​​Monday Amazon 2019, offers on games

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An overview of video games on offer at Amazon's Cyber ​​Monday 2019.

Matteo Tontini,

Cyber ​​Monday 2019 is another day dedicated to the discounts, for all those who failed to buy what they wanted during Black Friday. A second possibility could be defined.

There are many users who launch themselves on the web in search of offers, especially as regards the technological sector. From televisions to smartphones, through smart speakers and consoles: you can find a large quantity of products at affordable prices. Many will visit the pages of Amazon, which has always adhered to the initiative.

Even those in search of some extremely popular video games could browse the pages of the large online retailer, where you can find a series of welcome offers.

Video games on Amazon, Cyber ​​Monday offers

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (49.69 euros) – The new adventure set in the Star Wars galaxy allows players to take on the role of a Jedi apprentice. Fans will be able to explore known locations and try their hand at fighting with lightsaber.
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (29.99 euros) – Bizarre and fun racing, exclusive PlayStation 4. Fans of the iconic marsupial will have the chance to try their hand at breathtaking races, in a title that winks at Mario Kart.
  • Detroit: Become Human (14.99 euros) – Another exclusive PlayStation 4, at a very low price. The title tells an exciting story and touches deep themes, allowing users to modify the plot's progress through the choices made during the game.
  • Days Gone + Steelbook (39.99 euros) – A post apocalyptic world dominated by ravenous creatures and a motorcyclist fighting for survival. The game allows the user to explore a vast world and engage in incessant shootings to defend against the looming threat.
  • The Outer Worlds (48.75 euros) – Single RPG that allows users to explore settlements, space stations and other interesting places in a science fiction world. It will be possible to recruit a crew and make important decisions, which will influence the narrative path and the characteristics of one's character, to experience an unforgettable adventure.

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