Disney +, confirmed Amazon Fire TV support

Disney + it will be available from November 12 in the United States and, now, it finally has an Italian release date. The streaming platform will be accessible through a series of devices, but until now it was not clear if Amazon Fire TV could also count on the service app. To the delight of Amazon Stick owners, the answer is yes. Disney's CEO, Bob Iger, revealed that he had reached an agreement with Jeff Bezos's company during an interview conducted by CNBC.

The availability of Disney + on Amazon Fire TV was uncertain so far, it was known that a dispute over advertising had divided the two companies (which now seem to have overcome every disagreement). Together with Samsung and LG smart TVs, Fire TV will join Apple TV, game consoles and other devices to support the Disney platform.

There are still several months to the debut of the service in Italy, but it is possible to take a look at the titles that will be part of the launch line-up in the United States. There is really a lot of content that Mickey Mouse House fans can see by signing up for a subscription, from the great Classics to the acclaimed Star Wars live action series, The Mandalorian. It will be interesting to see the impact of the platform on the streaming video market when it is launched in the USA: it will not take long to understand if the service will be a threat to Netflix and other available platforms, or if it will struggle to take off; for the moment, however, the wide baggage of Disney productions (which are added to those Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar) and the huge fanbase of the company suggest that already from the first days after the launch Disney + could count a considerable number of subscribers .

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