Do you remember Windows 95 and these great games ?

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To install Windows 95 on your computer at this time is to ask for death – even if you want to “just play”. Virtual machine – this is a better option, but you still need to “play” a bit. And what if you could download literally one file and play as much as your heart desires? The creators of the “electron” version of Windows 95 have something for you – from now on in the new version!

What’s the deal with the “electron” version of Windows 95? Electron is a special, open-source framework that allows you to create programs – packages containing all the required files to run the program. The creator can use any tools – JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others – the key here is the simplicity: creation and distribution.

Video : Windows 95 starting up

Windows 95 starting up

In this version, Windows 95 allows you to run a very simplified operating system, which basically serves you mainly to play several sessions in iconic games: such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, or Grand Prix Circuit. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting titles published, among others on this version of Windows. The “ninety-five” is also a cult edition of the windows – for the first time there was a “Start” button, which then became the hallmark of Windows.

Windows 95

The second edition of an interesting project – Windows 95 in one small program

The latest, second edition is a lot of improvements compared to its predecessors. The creator – Felix Rieseberg added, among others games such as Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, A10 Tank Killer and the Grand Prix Circuit mentioned above.

Interestingly, such Windows 95 can be run not only on another Windows system, but also on macOS and Linux. However, some errors may occur – the project as the developer itself indicates was built mainly in JavaScript.

Nevertheless, it is worth recalling a system that has redefined how we communicate with computers. Similarly, you can do with the cult games that were created with this system in mind. Many of you probably started their adventure with Windows 95 and for a long time (or not – after all, Windows 98 appeared very quickly) time worked on it. I also had such pleasure and I must admit that I remember this system very nice. I wonder if in the future we will talk about the present achievements of new technologies.

You can download Windows 95 in one file from this website

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