Facebook has created a tool that will help you map the world even more accurately

In developed countries, there is rarely a situation where, for example, Google Maps does not have a road marked. It is different in the case of African countries or Thailand, where the terrain is not very well mapped and navigation using various applications turns out to be simply unreliable. Facebook comes in handy.

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Keep in mind that we’re talking about gravel roads and different paths, not major routes. In many countries, however, it is the unpaved alleys that most people pass. The aforementioned Facebook wants to help these people and for this purpose created a special tool called RapiD.

Simply put – the program uses machine learning. At the very beginning, developers “gave” artificial intelligence hundreds of satellite images with marked paths so that she could learn where people most often decide to place routes. Then they gave the system a map of Thailand without any roads, and the tool automatically began to create them. Man’s task is only to correct computer errors by looking at the images taken by the satellite.

Over the past year, nearly 300,000 miles of roads have been mapped in Thailand, so we can talk about considerable success. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the project, because as it has been tested – the tool does not perform well in the case of other countries and the system should be further refined. This process may take a long time, but certainly less if the same venture was given only to people.

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