Facebook, import photos and videos into Google Photos

Facebook has launched a new and interesting feature, which will make it easier to import photos from the social network into Google Photos. This is a new tool that will allow you to directly transfer photos and videos from Facebook to other services, starting from Google Photos. For now this is only available in Ireland, but the company has indicated that by the first half of 2020 it will be possible for anyone in the world to do so.

The ability to import photos on other services will be accessible directly from the Facebook settings, ie from the section that allows you to download personal information. All data, however, will be transferred to encrypted form, while the user can do it only by entering a specific password.

The Irish launch is used by Facebook to gather opinions and advice from users, and then to develop improvements to the tool before spreading it around the world. The development is part of the open source project called Data-Transfer Project, which started in 2018 to which the large companies operating on the web have joined. There is indeed also Microsoft, Twitter, as well as Google and Facebook: the goal is to simplify the transfer of data between the various online platforms.

All this is happening thanks to a request of the European legislation for the protection of personal data, the GDPR. In particular, in Article 20, precise tools were required to facilitate the transfer of data between different services. Going further into the technical, the APIs of each service are "translated" into a format that works on different platforms. In this case, therefore, Facebook data can easily be read by Google services and vice versa, but in the future other similar features will be available for all the services participating in the initiative.

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