Facebook wants to protect minors from offenders

Antigone Davis, Facebook's security officer, revealed that the company has developed solutions for the past two years protect minors from offenders. The company continues to work in this direction as it proceeds with its message encryption plans, announced by Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year.

According to Davis, Facebook's goal would be to shift its attention to precautionary measures to prevent malicious users from contacting the victims chosen from the start. The woman has indeed declared:

When you find explicit material, the damage has already been done. In essence, we want to prevent such content from being disseminated or created. So what we are thinking about is: how can we stop these interactions?

The social platform could therefore begin to keep an eye on the profiles that initiate a series of chats with minors with whom they have not made friends; or the profiles that are part of suspicious groups. Facebook could also integrate automatic alerts that would be sent if two people with a big age difference are talking privately on Messenger or Instagram DM. Or, notify users that the person they're talking to has been blocked by many profiles. Finally, Antigone David stated that the company is experimenting with ways to make reports more accessible "at times when users need it most", for example when someone deletes a thread. However, it remains to be seen whether these measures are sufficient to protect the little ones.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg gave a speech on freedom of speech, stating that he has no intention of censoring politicians, even when they are lying.

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