Galaxy Fold 2, screen with flexible glass?

The first foldable smartphone from Samsung came on the market only at the beginning of September, as some changes were made compared to the original version. Based on rumors coming from Korea, the Galaxy Fold 2 it will have a flexible glass that protects the screen and a shell design.

The Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch internal display protected by a film in it polyimide, a transparent plastic material that resists wear. As the iFixit experts have verified, a single closure of the smartphone is sufficient to make a vertical line appear at the hinge. This "aesthetic defect" and any scratches will be eliminated with the use of a UTG (Ultra Thin Glass), a flexible glass very thin manufactured by DOWOO INSYS which should be the exclusive supplier for Samsung.

The complete characteristics are not known, but could be similar to those of flexible glass made by Corning. However, glass is more fragile than plastic, so it will have less resistance to falls. Moreover, at least initially, it will lead to an increase in costs due to the low production yield. Even the new folding smartphone will therefore be a niche device.

According to the Korean source, the Galaxy Fold 2 (code-named Bloom) should have a 6.7-inch internal screen and a seashell. Other sources assume instead a diagonal of 8.1 inches. These conflicting rumors stem from the fact that Samsung has not yet decided which could be the best choice. The announcement is expected in the second quarter of 2020, perhaps in April. It is not known if there will be a separate event from the one reserved for the Galaxy S11 (or Galaxy One) series.

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