Galaxy S10, Samsung will solve the fingerprint problem

The Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint reader has given more or less problems since its debut. In fact, an attacker could have "tricked" the device with a 3D printed fingerprint to pretend to be the owner of the phone and unlock it in peace. But that's not all: recently, someone has discovered that by applying a third-party joke protection, any person is able to unlock the smartphone.

Samsung stated that he is aware of the hitch and to intervene as soon as possible to fix things and guarantee the safety due to the users. The company would have declared:

We are aware of the Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint recognition issue and will soon be distributing a patch to resolve it.

The problem, in reality, is quite serious because it allows anyone to access the consumer's personal information: it is therefore advisable to disable fingerprint recognition until the Korean company runs for cover. Hard to say what is the cause of the malfunction: given that Samsung Galaxy S10 uses an ultrasonic sensor that reads the crests of fingerprints, it is assumed that the plastic or silicone screen protectors go to hinder it (this, however, does not explain why the system allows access to unregistered fingerprints). Precisely for this reason, Samsung has advised users to use only approved protections.

For the moment, however, users should return to the good old PIN to access the smartphone and take no risks. Recently, the company said that Galaxy S10 Lite is Galaxy A91 they will have a different design, but they should share the same specifications, including the Snapdragon 855 processor.

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