Google Maps, incidents that can also be reported on iOS

Now you no longer need an Android smartphone to report incidents and other traffic problems into Google Maps. The company has introduced the function to report road collisions on iOS, allowing users to report without going through apps like Waze.

Whatever the operating system used, Google has also decided to expand the range of incidents that can be reported: construction works, closed lanes and objects on the road are now included. Both these new categories and iOS support will be available by the end of the week. It is certainly not the first function in line with Waze that the technology giant added to Google Maps: in May, for example, speed camera reporting was introduced on the navigation app in over 40 countries. Among other features similar to Waze, then, there is the possibility of adding a stop on the route in navigation mode and the possibility of displaying speed limits.

With the new additions, the Mountain View company is eliminating the many reasons people still turn to Waze. However this last application is still the best to plan a trip, since it connects to the personal personal calendar of the user or to Facebook events, while Google Maps seems to want to concentrate almost exclusively on helping the consumer to plan his travels. It must be said that Waze is also more social and includes a car-sharing service.

Meanwhile, BigG has also introduced another feature to its navigation app, which allows blind or visually impaired users to receive more directions during a journey and therefore be more independent.

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