Google Maps, increasingly useful Local Guides

Google Maps it is a very useful service, not only because it is an excellent browser that allows millions of users to navigate without having to ask for directions, but also for the numerous features that the search giant frequently adds. The app community can now count on around 120 million Local Guides active in 24 thousand cities and countries, which share their experiences with reviews and photos. And soon, the company will allow people to discover new places thanks to the best local guides, who will come to the rescue of consumers through the "For you" tab.

In this way, it will be enough to follow the most popular local guides and their advice will be shown on Google Maps: by doing so, users will be able to find the best place to eat in an unknown city, thanks to a local guide who knows all the local restaurants . For example, using the well-known app in Tokyo, the famous photographer Ayaka Ohkawa will accompany the user through the cuisine and culture of the city, while in Bangalore the local guide will take care of it Melvin John to guide him to the microbrewery of the city with reviews and advice.

The tests of the new functionality will begin "soon" in nine cities of the world, specifically Bangkok, Delhi, London, Mexico City, New York City, Osaka, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. It may be a long time before there will be a suitable guide wherever you want, presumably, but slowly Google Maps will cover more and more cities with its Local Guides. Although it is a function in an embryonic stage, it could be very useful if you prefer to read the advice of a veteran gourmet (and, above all, local connoisseur) instead of relying on your intuition.

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