Google, now open source Cardboard software

Last month, Google has officially unplugged the Daydream View VR viewer. Not many weeks have passed since then, and now the company has announced that the Cardboard software, the company's virtual reality platform, is open source: the research giant has in fact published the Cardboard technical specifications, making them available for download to all developers.

Google claims to have distributed "more than 15 million Cardboard units worldwide", but that the use of the platform would gradually go away over time. This is not surprising, unfortunately, since there are better alternatives on the market and there is not much to encourage their use, in addition to the initial "novelty" factor. Introduced in 2014, Cardboard was one of the first VR do-it-yourself kits, and helped to kick-start the company's interest in telephone-based virtual reality. Now, however, it is an outdated technology. Now that Google has made Cardboard open source, it could be seen that smartphone-centric virtual reality has been officially abandoned by the Mountain View company.

Google says it will contribute to the Cardboard open source project by "adding new features", but it does not specify what they could be. Meanwhile, numerous employees of BigG have signed a letter to the company to ask them to implement a plan that favors the climate and the environment: first, googlers want their emissions to be reset by 2030, then no more lobbyists and politicians who deny climate change, forging links with the fossil fuel industry and, finally, for breaking all relations with organizations intent on oppressing "refugees".

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