Google Pixel 4, maximum brightness only with root

The new ones Google Pixel 4 they are not without defects. The display frequency problem was solved with the November update, but the XDA Developers experts discovered another flaw: the maximum brightness level is too low. The solution requires the rooting of smartphones.

Both Pixels 4 have a high quality OLED display. Strangely, however, it is not very readable in the light of the Sun. XDA Developers has in fact discovered that, by setting the screen brightness to 100%, a maximum luminance of 450 nit, a value decidedly inferior not only to that of the top competitors, but also compared to many cheaper smartphones. The reason that led Google to limit the brightness of the display is not clear. The maximum value (610 nit) is set only during HDR video playback.

At the moment, the only way to increase the brightness is to activate the parameter High Brightness Mode in the Android kernel through the root. In addition to being risky and addressed to expert users, the rooting procedure (with the Magisk tool) deletes the installed apps and all the files stored on the smartphone. After obtaining root access, you can activate the mode with these commands:

  • on
  • echo on >> / sys / class / backlight / panel0-backlight / hbm_mode

The 610 nit value is set only at 100% screen brightness. Obviously this will lead to greater battery consumption. Since High Brightness Mode is deactivated when the screen is off, you need to use a tool like Tasker to automate activation. It is hoped that Google will offer a simpler solution, possibly through a software update.

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