Google wants to certify gaming phones

It is no secret that the mobile video game market is growing fast, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are just some of the examples of very popular titles among players of all ages. No wonder then that Google is working on a certification for gaming smartphone in collaboration with manufacturers.

Since mobile gaming is expected to extend to mid-range devices, not just the prerogative of more powerful devices like those recently presented by Asus, Xiaomi / Black Shark, Razer and Nubia, Google intends to launch the program Game Device Certification so that Android smartphones have the right requirements to run a current video game properly. In exchange for the pre-installation of Google Mobile Services (GMS), smartphone manufacturers will therefore have to maintain certain hardware standards: these should ensure that certified gaming devices behave "so that video game developers are not restricted unexpected. " According to the certification, the CPU and GPU should live up to expectations and support the Vulkan API version 1.1, as well as meeting a series of memory and performance requirements.

At this time, Google has not commented on the news, nor has it made official statements about it. Therefore it is likely that we will have to wait for the next few weeks to learn more. Speaking of mobile gaming, the "Mario Kart mania" exploded these days after a version of Nintendo's famous racing debuted on smartphones and tablets. The game allows users to try their hand at breathtaking races, using the iconic characters of the series dedicated to plumber in dungarees, and intends to ensure the fun of his console counterpart.

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