Hackers in the service of North Korea.

North Korean cyberspace experts have stolen $ 2 billion. The money thus obtained was allocated to the development of programs related to weapons of mass destruction.
A panel of experts monitoring compliance with UN sanctions by North Korea has prepared a confidential report on this subject. According to Reuters, which gained access to the document, Korean hackers carried out cyber attacks on behalf of the General Scout Office. It is the most important military intelligence agency in the DPRK. Criminals’ activities targeted financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges. Money laundering also took place in cyberspace.

Experts are currently investigating 35 incidents in 17 countries. However, they admit that it will be much more difficult to track hacker activities in the case of cryptocurrency-related crimes. The problem in this case is that digital currency exchanges are subject to less oversight and few regulations compared to traditional financial institutions.

The same report shows that the North Korean government will allocate cybercrime resources to the development of defense programs. They also include work on weapons of mass destruction. Experts admit that Korea has not yet carried out nuclear tests or fired intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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