Hidden Treasures Amazon: what it is and how it works

Amazon kicks off the offer season with the special promotion "Hidden Treasures". From today November 8th until next November 12th, Amazon will offer thousands of products in all categories. A small advance of what will be the period of discounts of Black Friday whose anniversary for 2019 is set for November 29th. In these days of discounts, customers will find smartphones, computers, televisions, tech gadgets of all kinds and much more on offer.

This is also a great opportunity to anticipate some gifts for Christmas 2019. The suggestion, therefore, is to carefully follow the window of the offers of the "Hidden Treasures" promotion so as not to miss even a saving opportunity.

Amazon Hidden Treasures

The promotion will follow the classic procedure of all Amazon promotional initiatives. In fact, there will be discounts valid from 8 to 12 November and discounts valid only for one day. Amazon points out that there will be thousands of offers and coupons of emerging and niche brands for all categories. This is why it is essential to carefully follow the window of offers that Amazon will continuously update with all the new discounts.

For those enrolled in the program Amazon Prime the advantages are further. All products sold and shipped by Amazon can be received quickly, taking advantage of delivery in one day.

All that remains is to prepare the credit card to take advantage of the offers with which Amazon starts the season of offers that will end with those of Christmas 2019.

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