How to install drivers after a clean install of Windows ?

What is Driver Pack Solution ?

Driverpack is an advanced driver package that allows you to quickly install all the necessary drivers with a single click of the mouse. Imagine that you decided to reinstall the system, your next step will be to install all the necessary drivers, the first step you took is to download each driver from the manufacturer website, but with driverpack you can skip this stage because the program contains all the necessary drivers in one database that we can install with one mouse click.

How to download DriverPack Solution ?

You can download DriverPack solution in one small file or in big file. I prefer to download full version, full version is very big but worth to download, the size of full version which contains all the drivers is more than 17GB, you can download the latest version of driver pack solution via torrent :

Click here to download DRP torrent

it will be downloaded via torrent as ISO file, the best is to extract this iso file using for example WinRar and run DriverPack.exe

after start, “DriverPack” will start checking your computer hardware and will find all non installed drivers

after 1-2 minutes, you will see something like in the above image, you can click “Install” to install or update all the necessary drivers.

if you do not want to install some of the driver just uncheck box beside each of them

DriverPack install for us additional software or system libraries with sometimes we would not like to install..if you do not want to install such kind of soft/system libraries you just need to switch tabs and uncheck boxes

that’s all for today ! I hope you like DriverPack Solution ! your easy way to install all the drivers after clean install of Windows !

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