How to rename multiple files using Multi File Renamer ?

Hello people, if you are website developer or programmer probably sometimes you need to change filename for multiple files, as you know it takes a lot of time if you have let say 1000 files to rename, but there is one great tool which can change your life and help you to do this thing with one simple click 🙂 the tool name is “Multi File Renamer“.

Multi File Renamer for Windows

it’s very easy to change multiple files with this tool, you need just to select folder where your files are stored and you need to add “Action”..

so if you want to replace multiple file extension from “txt” to “doc” just specify “Action” like that ..

replace multiple file extensions from txt to doc

check “Replace All” if u want replace all matching files, and click “Rename Selected files

and done, all files in your folder should be renamed !

Multi File Renamer is available for free on sourceforge –

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