How to run a fanpage on Facebook effectively?

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How to run a Facebook fanpage? Theoretically simple task: we set up a new profile associated with the founder’s main account, and then publish new content to attract new users. It would seem that there is no greater philosophy in this task. In practice, winning a large number of fans is associated with a well-thought-out strategy, analysis of the target group, the ability to conduct mutual discussion, as well as adaptation to the needs of the recipient.

The biggest problem, however, is the lack of a golden recipe for success. A professionally run company fanpage may have less viewership or number of likes than the original channel founded without much thought. However, to achieve the planned plan, you should focus on all possible ways to attract fans. Because the constantly growing number of likes is the main determinant of an effective Facebook fanpage. What steps should be taken to successfully attract?

Fanpage – focus on the selected topic

Fanpage on Facebook should focus on the chosen topic. It can be a channel dedicated to the selected company, services, passions and interest. It may also apply to selected areas of life, well-known people, and even fictional characters or things. The creativity of Facebook users seems to be unaware of the limits. Inventing topics quickly should not be a problem. The first problems start already when the fanpage is launched.

What’s next? What content should I publish on Facebook to get publicity? How should I promote my channel? The next doubts will come sooner than we think, however the key issue is to focus on one task – in this case, it will be entries related only to the topic of the fan page. It is difficult to get mass interest, for example, for a company producing selected services, and publishing on Facebook only private employee entries, unrelated to the original topic. If our channel develops, we can allow ourselves to diversify entries for many target groups. Priority should always be given to those concerning the direct topic of the channel.

Bet on quality, not quantity

A coherent theme of a fanpage is an indispensable element of development. However, the type of entries should be considered carefully. How can they interest potential customers, do they contain links to, for example, a company website? Or maybe they engage the audience to be active? You should not focus on a massive number of posts at all costs. As with Google algorithms, Facebook draws attention to many elements.

Frequency of published entries should not take the form of spam – we should optimally enter one entry once every 30-60 minutes – but only on condition that we actually publish a large number of content (eg websites with daily news from home and from the world). Pasting a large number of links in intervals of a few minutes may bring the opposite effect from the intended – the sooner new content appears on the fanpage, the smaller is the range of subsequent ones, which is associated with weaker reaching the client. The practical function is to plan entries for a specific time, which is useful because you can set them, for example, on weekends. If our company does not work on days off, then users will see our entry on FB. It is also worth remembering because free days generate increased viewership.

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Fanpage on Facebook – do not spam

Valuable entries are very important, especially if they involve the public. Are you planning to publish a link? It is worth shortening it and removing the picture directing it to the page – it will increase curiosity and influence higher viewership. If our channel involves the sale of products and services, it is advisable to regularly inform about promotions appearing in the store. Here we have a wide range of opportunities: you can, for example, encourage fans to like in exchange for discounts and even a free gift. One such action will certainly make people once participating in it return to our channel. Land is a consequence in pursuing a goal and a regular development strategy.

Investigate the target group

When developing a fanpage on Facebook, it is worth investigating the target group in terms of interest in a particular type of content. For example, you can create a list of people who click “Like” for valuable links about products, promotions, competitions, and then divide users. In the further phase, we should concentrate on the diversity of entries so that our channel is not too monotonous for the average recipient. However, it is important to give priority to certain entries and ensure that they appear at regular intervals. In the case of a smaller activity of participants, you should increase your posts towards people leaving – this can be easily verified by the number of likes and sharing, but you have to act quickly, analyzing the changing trends.

Take care of the form of entries

In the foreground, we should focus on the substantive value of the message. However, do not forget about the form of individual entries. When promoting a chosen product, you can add an interesting photo or video. The consequence of adding a graphic presentation is the smaller scope of the post, however, as research shows, users are more involved in observation, statements and even the purchase of goods or services. And here you need to find the middle ground – entries completely devoid of graphic elements can make users bored, while pasting images everywhere is not the best option. Do not forget about the growing interest in the Facebook application on mobile devices. It is estimated that in the coming years, the number of people logging in from a smartphone or tablet will exceed entry from a computer. For this reason, some of the images may not look very aesthetically on mobile platforms, so it is worth analyzing your choice in advance.

Should you run a fanpage on Facebook?

Currently, Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Over 1.2 billion users give unprecedented marketing opportunities. However, should any company promote its services via Facebook? Not necessarily. Industries related to IT, new technologies, entertainment, stores selling mail order products and services, as well as large enterprises and corporations should not have doubts in this matter. If you run a local liquor store, a car repair shop in a small town, and even a funeral parlor, then consider whether actually setting up a Facebook profile makes sense. Not all products and services relate to the global network and the local newspaper, leaflets or grapevine seems to be the better promotion example. Facebook works globally, so people from the city of X will not be interested in the promotion of selected products in the Y shop, located at the other end of the country. Fanpage on Facebook is undoubtedly a good idea, but focused on a much wider market.

Buy fans or not?

Popularity has gained trade in fictitious profiles, which in the eyes of external observers are to raise the prestige of a given fanpage. No wonder that this approach has become fashionable, for example, 1000 fans can be bought for a few dollars. It would seem that a larger number of fans will affect the increased interest in the product or service. In fact, people whose accounts appear in likes, do not even have a clue. At one time – probably unknowingly – they expressed interest in a selected product or service, approving the consent to use their image for marketing activities. This does not mean, however, that they will regularly appear on our channel. What’s more, most often the database of purchased profiles is so diverse that in most cases these are people who would never come to us. In addition, you can easily check it – just go to any profile, which in a suspiciously short period of time has gained more fans and see what interests they have. Immediately, there is a completely different subject matter, which can only harm the fanpage, because these types of practices do not enjoy the approval of Internet users.

How to run a fanpage on Facebook effectively?

The above examples should help all entrepreneurs who are making their first steps in creating and promoting a fanpage on Facebook. The systematic nature of entries, uniqueness, the use of tools for planning entries, researching target groups and the ability to communicate on both sides – these are the main elements on which we should focus. You should analyze your business profile and answer the question whether Facebook really matches the promoted topic. If the above components cease to be a secret for us, then only the hard work and taking care of the needs of clients remains…

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