Huawei appeals to the American media – “Do not believe everything you hear”

huawei usa

The Chinese are opting for peaceful resolution of conflicts and have decided to respond to the United States on allegations of espionage, quite a specific advertisement placed on the entire page of the Thursday edition of The Wall Street Journal. It is an open letter to all American media.

The whole was accompanied by a rather eloquent slogan “Do not believe everything you hear.” Huawei encourages you to be convinced of the truth with your own eyes and not to trust any information provided by any media. The advertisement was signed by the management director of Huawei, Catherine Chen.

Huawei WSJ

It is kept in a peaceful style. It starts with the praise of the US for innovation, but also mentions some misunderstandings developed by the government there regarding the Chinese company.

The open letter also presents several achievements of the company, such as 30 years of experience in building telecommunications equipment or even the creation of university research programs in the USA. The text ends with the invitation of American media to visit Huawei campuses and meet with the company’s employees.

There is no certainty that such a step on the part of Huawei will bring any serious consequences, but it will undoubtedly attract the attention of media representatives.

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