Ignore distress calls, look at Netflix

A supervisor of the 911, the number of stars and stripes, would have ignored a request for help during a shootout, as it was intent on watching Netflix. This is the incredible story that happened in southern Florida last June and only appeared in the press in the last hours: a woman had to wait more than 34 minutes before her case could be handled properly.


Guadalupe Herrera was driving his car near a Coral Spring gas station, when an object – maybe one bullet – he pierced the windows of his car, risking to hit her in the head. Frightened by the incident, the woman pulled over the car and requested 911 assistance, as she was undecided about what to do. In fact, during the first call, the driver has thus specified to the operator:

I do not know what to do. I don't know if I have to get out of the car or leave. What could happen if they were to shoot again?

The request would then have been passed to a supervisor which, however, has not contacted the woman again. After 34 minutes stopping in the street, with the windshield completely broken, the driver then decided to go autonomously to the nearest police station.

There police, astonished by the incident, then conducted investigations to understand the reasons behind the 911's failure to rescue. As CNN reports, it then emerged that the call was wrongly handled as "suspicious incident"Instead of"shooting", Due to the distraction of the call center supervisor. Apparently, the employee in question would have occupied the working hours with the vision on her computer of "I Am Mother", a production branded Netflix.

The call center was justified by pointing out that the employee was working as usual, simply keeping the film playing in the background. The investigators, however, found on the work computer the applications of Netflix, Hulu and Xfinity TV in the list of the most frequently used software. The attendant was therefore suspended for two days, without pay, for failure to supervise. The operators who handled the call, on the other hand, seem to no longer work for 911. Meanwhile, the police stopped a suspect, perhaps responsible for the shooting.

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