Iliad and the truth cookie contest

Iliad has always been characterized by very specific initiatives and certainly communicative impact. The last concerns the competition of "Biscuit of truth". The French operator is participating in theArtisan at the Fair. This is a trade fair event dedicated to world craftsmanship and set up at Fiera Milano which will last until December 8th. Since people often go to fairs to "eat", Iliad has seen fit to create a creative way to get closer to visitors to the fair.

THE'French operator he therefore decided to propose his "recipe" seasoned with abundant truth and enriched with a precious base of transparency. The curious will be able to try this recipe in halls 3 and 5 with two customized settings where the Simbox notes, SIM distributors, with dedicated staff will also be present.


iliad (image: iliad).

All the people who come into contact at the fair with the operator and his recipe without any unpleasant surprises and bitter aftertaste, will be able to sign an offer at the Simbox and thus receive a free cool bag, obviously personalized for the occasion by Iliad and indispensable for best preserving the ingredients of such a special recipe. But the highlight of the Iliad initiative is the "biscuit of truth" contest that allows you to win one of the two iPhone 11 up for grabs or one of the 500 t-shirts customized by the operator.

Taking part is easy and absolutely tasty. All people have to do is take their truth cookie, bite it and read the note inside it, hoping to be among the lucky winners.

A very tempting initiative that still highlights the communication skills operator who wants to bring people together in a new way to tell them about the advantages and transparency of his offers.

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