Instagram eliminates the "Followed" tab, goodbye spies

Instagram continues to remove: after the number of Likes, anger is the turn of the "Seguiti" tab, which allowed us to see both likes and the profiles followed by a given account. This is essentially the section of the application you can access by touching the heart icon in the bar at the bottom. The company explained this move as a kind of evolution of the platform, which is continuously adapted to the users' uses.

In short, the tab was used very little by users, at least according to Instagram, even though many have taken it as good news, since it goes to privacy advantage of all. Not being able to access this function anymore, the user cannot therefore see which are the accounts that follow a certain profile, but not even with those who interact, who comments and who puts Like.

There Followed tab in fact it was seen as "perfect for the stalkers" and therefore in a certain sense you can't spy what a profile is doing that follows. This then can be seen as a big step towards more privacy, just what he talked about Mark Zuckerberg at the last F8. The tab that will gradually be eliminated for all was introduced in 2011, to allow finding new profiles to follow. The user followed a profile and peeked who this profile followed, but Instagram said that this feature was practically useless.

The problem is that some used it as one unconventional tool: even if this card was known for the transparency that led to the online life of users, it is also used by some as a tool to monitor the activity of other users. To discover new content, profiles and more the right place is now the section Explore, the center of Instagram news.

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