Instagram, watch out for Ghosty: the app violates privacy

Facebook does not have this great reputation when it comes to "protecting the privacy" of its users, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now, however, Instagram ends up in the eye of the storm, not because of its direct presence but because of a third-party service called Ghosty, which uses the social APIs to give fertile ground to the stalkers: in other words, it allows anyone to view many private profiles without the approval of the users themselves.

Just share your Instagram login credentials with Ghosty to get into many private accounts. The problem is that the user must invite at least one other person to the service to be able to view the profiles otherwise inaccessible without consent, that's how the app manages to constantly increase its audience. In essence, it pushes users to recruit other people before allowing them to see private accounts, and collects their data to find the following confidential profiles: not only, therefore, is the privacy of the user using Ghosty violated , but also of those close to him (completely unaware of the matter, by the way).

The suspicious app is still available on the Play Store and boasts over 500 thousand downloads, but at this point it is likely to have a short life. Instagram has not been slow to provide a statement on the issue, requesting the termination of the service to the developer of Ghosty (and it is said that they do not even take complaints or legal action at a later time). On the other hand, the application openly violates the terms of service of the photo sharing platform as the profiles that provide access to Ghosty serve as a basis for opening private profiles that need to be spied on.

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