Jennifer Aniston: "I chose Apple for quality"

Only a few weeks to go until the official debut of "The Morning Show”- the TV series with protagonists Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell – on Apple TV +. From November 1st the production will be available on the bitten apple streaming platform and, given the enormous interest generated by the first trailer, the experts are sure it will become one of the greatest successes of reason. And just a few days before departure, it is Jennifer Aniston who explains why she chose Apple over other streaming realities: for the quality that the Cupertino group knows how to guarantee.

During an interview for Variety, Jennifer Aniston explained how the idea of ​​"The Morning Show" was born some time ago, so much so that a first draft of the plot was already ready. However, with the explosion of the #MeToo movement, the entire project has been revised to make it more current and closer to the public. During this delicate phase, several companies approached Aniston and partners to buy the series, but Apple got the better of it even though it was still far from the universe of television production.

The show was chosen and we sold it to Apple with an already outlined track. Then, about four months later, everything happened [the #MeToo movement, ed] and we decided to start from scratch.

Aniston had doubts about Apple, precisely because it was still far from the TV series universe – "they didn't have a room or phones yet"- but she let herself be guided by her instinct and by the quality that the Cupertino group guarantees to its products and its services.

There was really something exciting about being the first for Apple. Apple is really wonderful. They do good things. Why shouldn't they have done TV too? They focus on quality, not quantity, and this has fascinated me a lot. And despite their comic secrecy, it was worth it.

The actress, much loved by the public for her role as Rachel in "Friends", also claimed to have come late to understanding the universe of streaming.

I remember that I didn't understand. What the hell does streaming mean? They told me "it's all available at any time". So it's no longer fashionable to turn on the TV at eight o'clock on a Thursday night? And don't you go to the bathroom during an advertising break with someone yelling at you: "He's back on the air"? Doesn't it happen anymore? It's very sad.

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