MacBook Pro 16: teardown confirms the keyboard

Apple kept its promises: the new 16-inch MacBook Pro officially said goodbye to the keyboard with "butterfly" mechanism, returning instead to the old design. It was the same Cupertino company that announced it and today, with the official teardown by iFixit, the final confirmation arrives. The new laptops incorporate a classic keyboard with a “scissors” mechanism, similar to the one inserted on the devices prior to 2016, slightly revised to ensure a more subtle form factor.

The butterfly-shaped keyboard, introduced by Apple first on the fanless MacBook and then on the MacBook Pro line starting in 2016, has generated quite a few headaches. Several users have complained of crashes during typing, apparently due to the inability of the component to function in the presence of debris or dust. Apple has therefore adopted several revisions, adding silicone sheaths in an attempt to minimize the consequences, without extreme success. For this reason, a free repair plan was launched for all models affected by any problems.

With the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, which came on the market last week, Apple has retraced its steps, introducing a keyboard based on the old system, already well established and definitely reliable. According to iFixit, the design adopted is very similar to that of the MacBook Pro prior to 2016 and, above all, to the Magic Keyboard. It seems, in fact, that the covers of some keys are really interchangeable with the bitten apple desktop keyboard.

The mechanism plastic interior, with scissors opening, is slightly thinner than previous generations, to guarantee a keyboard of reduced thickness given the ultra-thin design of the laptop, nevertheless it guarantees a movement that should not be nearly affected by the presence of powder is debris inside the keyboard. Furthermore, the keys can be easily removed – for easy cleaning – and the plastic mechanism replaced individually in the event of breakage. Moreover, compared to the previous generations, the clips for key hooking appear to be more reinforced, a fact that should guarantee greater resistance over time.

At the moment, it is not known if Apple is ready to bring this design back to all the representatives of its MacBook line, including the new ones MacBook Air.

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