Maps in Crimea: Apple's answer comes

Apple intervenes on the controversy of the maps in Crimea, an issue that has been held internationally last week. As already known, using the Maps service of the group within the borders of Russia, the Crimea is reported as a territory in fact Russian. A choice that has raised sharp criticism from the Ukrainian institutions, in particular from the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vadym Prystaiko, to which the Cupertino group responded with a note. Apple has no intention of entering the age-old argument of borders and politics, it has simply implemented a legal imposition.

Ukraine is Russia The annexation of Crimea, a strategic peninsula overlooking the Black Sea, has been competing for several years. In 2014, a Russian referendum sanctioned the will of the local population to join Russia itself, but this consultation was not recognized by international bodies. Consequently, on the international legal level Crimea is still considered to belong to Ukraine. A few days ago, however, Apple inserted the peninsula within the Russian borders, using the application Map while staying in Russia.

On a public note a few days ago, the Apple Park company wanted to clarify its position:

We would like to make it clear to our customers around the world that we have not changed the Maps of Crimea outside of Russia, however a new law has come into force which has forced us to modify the maps within Russia itself. We constantly analyze international laws, as well as US laws, before making decisions on our Maps and making changes, if required by law. We have decided to analyze more deeply how to manage disputed borders within our borders and we could make changes in the future. Our goal is to make sure our customers can use Maps, and other Apple services, anywhere in the world.

The question is anything but simple, since it is the same Russian law to have imposed the change on Apple – and presumably other providers of mapping and digital navigation services. All that remains is to wait, consequently, for any updates from parts of Apple Park.

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