MediaWorld Discount Immediately Party: discounts up to € 500

MediaWorld launched the promotion "Discount Immediately Party". From today October 18 until October 20, the electronics chain will offer a discount of up to 500 euros on the expenses incurred. Specifically, the discounts they will go from a minimum of 25 euros to a maximum of 500 euros based on the value of the purchase. At a cost of at least 250 euros you will get a discount of 25 euros. Discount that goes up to 100 euros for a cost of at least 500 euros. Who will spend at least 1000 euros will get a discount of 250 euros. Finally, spending at least 2000 euros, MediaWorld will provide a discount of 500 euros.

Are excluded from this initiative: Wind and H3G products, products sold as part of subscriptions (telephony, internet, TV, etc.), pre-sales and reservations, publishing products, Scratch & Win, policies, lists weddings and similar (birthday, Cresima etc ..), and all those items that represent vouchers, recharges, boxes, gift cards or services.

Among the smartphones that can be purchased using this promotion the Apple iPhone XR 64 GB is mentioned for 717 euros or the Huawei P30 Lite at € 290.99. For those wishing to change computers there is only the embarrassment of choice. For example, for gaming enthusiasts, MediaWorld proposes theACER Nitro 5 AN515-52-79ML at 1499 euros. Alternatively, for a more classic use, the electronics chain proposes the notebook ASUS S512FB-EJ036T at 699 euros.

For those who play with the consul, also many video games are available for Xbox or PlayStation. If the goal is a new one television to turn your living room into a small movie theater, MediaWorld offers a wide selection of latest-generation models. For example, the model Samsung UE55RU7400UXZT with 55-inch 4K display is offered at a price of 449 euros.

MediaWorld's Immediately Party Discount promotion is valid both in the store and on the website of the electronics chain. The discount will be paid immediately.

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