Microsoft tests a new dashboard for Xbox One

Microsoft continues to work hard to improve the experience of using its Xbox One console. Precisely for this reason, for some months the company has begun to experiment with the Insider some important changes to the layout of the dashboards of the consul. For example, the cards known as Twists have been removed and replaced with four buttons that offer the same functionality.

But Microsoft, at the time, had pointed out that the dashboard layout could still change. In fact, the software giant has begun experimenting with new additions to the dashboard. Previously, Microsoft used A / B tests. This meant that only one group of Insiders had access to these news. The others, however, continued to have the old layout.

For this new experimentation, the Redmond house has gone further by opting for test A / B / C. A group of testers will display the old dashboard layout while two other groups of Insiders experiment with two new layouts.

For group A, the new dashboard will look the same as the one the Insiders had tested in July, maintaining the four-button layout for the features previously hosted within separate tabs. Group B, however, will notice that the four buttons are replaced by a single Tile for My apps and my games.

Group C, on the other hand, will have the current dashboard layout. Microsoft will take the data collected from this experiment to determine which solution offers the best user experience.

This test is available for Insiders who are part of the rings Preview Alpha is Skip Ahead.

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