Monclick launches Black Friday

monclick launches its Black Friday in advance with the promotion "Of-The-Gods"Which comes in the second year. This is a special review of the classic Black Friday shopping promotion. Taking advantage of this initiative is really very simple. From today until December 2, thus also embracing Cyber ​​Monday, on every day technological offers linked to the world of gods will be shared.

Given the great success of last year's initiative, Monclick has given a new look to the Black Friday promotional campaign: the protagonists of this year will be the Nordic deities. To open the dances today Thor, God of thunder, thunderstorms and lightning that reveals the first discounted products. Every day, a Nordic deity will bring a set of promotions and great discounts on many products such as smartphones, televisions, large and small appliances, notebooks, monitors and printers and much more.

Obviously, on November 29th, ie on the occasion of Black Friday, the most interesting offers will be offered. Sara Odin, Father of the Vikings, God of war, wisdom, poetry and runes, to reveal them.

Monclick launches Black Friday

The "Fra-I-Dei" promotional page will be updated again on Monday 2 December to accommodate the discounts dedicated to Cyber ​​Monday, the most technological Monday of the year. More details on the promotion, directly on the page official of Monclick.

Massimo Visone Monclick's Sales & Marketing Director, comments on this promotion:

Also this year, given the great success of last year, we decided to combine our Black Friday with a concept of storytelling with the second season of Fra-I-Dei, as if it were a television series. The end of November is now the time of the year when everyone expects big discounts, but we don't want to tie ourselves to the promotional aspect of the campaign alone, giving a lot of importance also to its creative aspect.

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