Netflix and Nexus Player: the configuration

Netflix is ​​the streaming platform with more users in the world, thanks to the excellent content it offers, a constantly updated catalog and a cost accessible to all. However, we should not underestimate, as a factor of notoriety, the large number of devices that allow its distribution: from gaming consoles to Amazon's Fire TV, the support Netflix can count on is really wide. The appeal does not fail Nexus Player, set-top-box produced by Google and Asus as well as the first device to use Android TV.

So how do you make Netflix work on Nexus Player? It's very simple and it takes just a few steps to set up an account. First of all, we need to access the home screen, then follow the indicated procedure:

  • To select Netflix.
  • Going up Subscriber access (if you do not yet have a subscription, you will need to subscribe first).
  • Enter your e-mail address and Netflix password, then select Go on.

Nexus Player is now connected to the streaming service account, the user can easily use them and enjoy viewing the contents. As mentioned above, there are many devices that support Netflix. Nowadays, for example, there are more and more smart TVs that allow you to download the app: on the other hand they are gradually going to replace normal TVs, also thanks to the spread of new services and content. These include Samsung smart TVs. The Korean giant is synonymous with quality in the world of technology and there are many users who rely on its products in everyday life. But there are a number of smart TVs recommended by the well-known streaming service, as they meet certain requirements.

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