Netflix is ​​still growing, driven by Stranger Things

Netflix's financial report for the third quarter recorded, overall, profits that significantly exceeded analysts' expectations.

The streaming giant confirms revenues of 5.24 billion dollars, up 31% on an annual basis and more or less in line with expectations (5.25 billion). The company talks about earnings per share of $ 1.47 against an estimated 1.04.

The growth of subscribers, meanwhile, has pros and cons. Netflix reported 500,000 more members in the United States, well below the forecast of 800,000; on the contrary, international growth has exceeded expectations, with 6.3 million users added compared to a forecast of 6.2 million. The growth of US subscribers seems particularly weak if compared with that of 2018: Netflix saw only 2.1 million more subscribed for the domestic market in the first nine months of 2019, compared to 4.1 million in the same period of time of 2018. According to Netflix investors' letter, the cause would be to be found in the price increase at the beginning of the year.

Overall, the company said the service now boasts over 158 million users. He predicts that the entire 2019 will bring him an addition of 26.7 million subscribers, down compared to 28.6 million last year. The streaming giant also said that Stranger Things 3 is the most popular season so far, seen by 64 million users in the first four weeks of distribution, while the most recent Unbelievable was seen by 32 million people. As for the film side, Tall Girl was seen by 41 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, the company has revealed the list of films available during the upcoming Christmas holidays.

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