Google will present Pixel 4 on October 15: official

The long wait for Pixel 4 finally seems to come to an end. Google indeed announced that an event in which "some Made by Google news" will be presented will be held in New York on October 15th.

No further details are given in the press conference, but the company has traditionally exploited its October events to distribute new Pixels, Nest and Home smart devices and Chrome laptops and tablets. The "Made by Google" brand is, in fact, the one used by the company for the devices produced internally. read more

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Sony Smartband: choice guide

The market of the wearable for the fitness it's very dynamic. More and more producers are entering it to propose their solutions. In particular, the business sector is very much alive smartband. These are smart bracelets that monitor body parameters during training and not. Wearables very simple and comfortable to wear as they usually have silicone straps. Their most common functions are to monitor the frequency of the heartbeat, the distance traveled using the GPS or the pedometer, the consumption of calories and much more. read more

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WeWALK, the blind stick with Google Maps

Although Google Maps is an essential app for most users, in reality it is not usable by everyone: just think of the blind, who do not have access to many devices and applications. Now, however, visually impaired people can rely on a walking stick that acts as a navigator, replacing the app of the research giant (or at least trying). The smart stick was made by CEO Kursat Ceylan and a group of Turkish engineers from the Young Guru Academy: Ceylan, who has been blind since birth, is in fact the co-founder of WeWALK. read more

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Samsung Galaxy One or Galaxy S11?

Every year Samsung announces two high-end series, namely Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, but now the only difference is represented by the S Pen stylus. For this reason new rumors are circulating about the possible "merger" that could take place in 2020. It is therefore not certain that the series will be launched Galaxy S11. read more

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Apple Arcade: user testing started

Apple Arcade, Apple's new subscription-based gaming service, will be available to end users starting September 19th. A few days after the official release, however, the Cupertino group decided to start a small one test phase: some users, in particular among the developers and those who have installed the public beta of iOS 13, have in fact received an invitation email to test the service. read more

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Streamer dresses as Chun-Li, suspended by Twitch

Also in the controversial and phantasmagorical world of the streamer on Twitch there are limits, of course. The case of the Asian streamer proves this Quqco banned from the platform because it presented itself live with a disguise considered too sexy.

The girl in question has indeed worn the costume of Chun-Li, the popular Chinese wrestler of the Street Fighter fighting game that everybody – gamers and not – will surely have had the way to know, in front of a cabin cruiser in his first incarnations of the 80's / 90's or simply on his Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console in the last chapter Street Fighter V. read more

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