Robot saves patient with cardiac arrhythmia

Apparently they don't just steal the job, but they also save life, obviously guided by man. It takes the name of "Stereotaxis" and is a robotic system thatMauritian hospital in Turin for the first time in Italy he conducted a delicate operation. The robot operated and in fact saved the life of a 65 year old patient who was suffering from a severe form of ventricular cardiac arrhythmia. The risk was a heart attack in cardiomyopathy.

The delicate ablation procedure was carried out by Stereotaxis, for a four-hour operation. It was a minimally invasive operation, which takes place this way: a small flexible tube is introduced into the blood vessels that reaches the heart. The operation was carried out by Dr. Stefano Grossi and technically it has succeeded.

The robot's job was to locate the arrhythmogenic lesions through a mapping of the heart, using information extracted from cardiac magnetic resonance. This mode allowed the robot to reach all diseased cardiac sites that were practically invisible before. He then proceeded with the destruction of the same with the "catheter ablation", which will allow any new arrhythmias not to arise.

According to experts, some forms of heart disease conceal cardiac lesions, which then cause arrhythmias and in some cases sudden death. These are hidden in the thickness of the heart and traditional methods do not detect them. Thanks to this technology it is possible instead to detect them with cardiac magnetic resonance, then the lesions are transferred to the electrical maps used by the electrophysiological cardiologist during this delicate ablation operation.

The robot is actually guided by the skilled hands of the cardiologist, which in this way is able to reach diseased heart sites.

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