Samsung and CHILI for the first 8K streaming service

Samsung is KILOS join forces to offer the first streaming service in 8K in the world. This is possible thanks to the QLED 8K television, which allows you to experience an unprecedented viewing experience. The collaboration with CHILI therefore brings a series of native 8K content to Samsung TV and this is possible thanks to a software developed by the two companies.

Users will be able to enjoy a new graphical interface updated by CHILI and enjoy documentaries and other contents in an unprecedented resolution. No films for the moment, users will have to "settle" to see – for example – in very high resolution the documentaries produced by Magnitudo Film. Some 8K titles, obviously destined to grow in the future, will be available in the streaming platform catalog starting October 10th.

To take advantage of the 8K streaming users will need to have a band of 30 mbit / sec, necessary on a stable basis; otherwise, seeing the buffer decreasing, the player will automatically downgrade to lower resolutions. Who will have a 8K TV will not have a greater outlay in terms of subscription: anyone who has a 8K TV, CHILI will allow to see a given content at the highest possible quality, all the others will be able to take advantage of the quality granted by their TV (or connection).

The 8K is increasingly perceived as a premium technology and Samsung has been working constantly, since the launch of its 8K TV range a year ago, to become the new reference point for consumers to offer the best visual experience. In this perspective, the Korean technology giant is making continuous investments in the development and progressive improvement of its devices.

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