Samsung will launch a Galaxy S10 5G in the stratosphere

Samsung has organized a space mission to celebrate 50 years since its foundation. Thanks to the initiative SpaceSelfie, users will be able to send their self-timer to the stratosphere. Selfies (individuals, groups or animals) will be received by a Galaxy S10 5G connected to a balloon.

The purpose of the advertising campaign is to show the quality of the components used for the smartphone, in particular the Dynamic AMOLED screen from 6.7 inches. The structure to which the Galaxy S10 5G is attached will be carried into space by a balloon the size of half of a basketball court (10.5 × 18 meters). Both the structure and the smartphone will be powered by solar panels. The flight will last about 200 hours and the balloon will reach an altitude of almost 20,000 meters. The Galaxy S10 5G will withstand an atmospheric pressure of 5.6 kPa and a temperature between -65 ° and + 40 ° C, without any insulating case.

The launch is scheduled for October 23 to 31 from a military base in South Dakota. Who wants to participate must upload the image on the site Mission Control. Samsung will randomly choose the lucky 65,000 that can be shipped (virtually) into space. An app will transmit (in encrypted form) the selfies from the Earth to the Galaxy S10 5G. A second app will communicate with the fixed camera of the equipment to indicate when to take a photo of the selfie shown on the smartphone screen. The first app will then send the image of the selfie with the "spatial" background to Earth.

The winners will be announced on November 1st. Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Europe, said:

To celebrate the extraordinary things that the Samsung screens allow us to do, we decided to take the selfies to a new level and offer people the chance to bring their face into space. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of what is possible ever further. With SpaceSelfie we will demonstrate that Samsung technology continues to allow us to do extraordinary things, even in space.

Samsung also involved the famous football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the initiative, as can be seen in the video posted on Instagram:

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