Sardinia, anti-Google Maps: unusable routes

There are millions of users using it Google Maps: the mapping service is often used as a navigator to drive on little-known roads, in order to reach the destination without a hitch. But it is not always infallible. The inhabitants of the Sardinia they know it well, since it is not rare that the numerous dirt paths leading to the beaches are exchanged by the well-known app for accessible journeys.

The problem was repeated, for example, several times on the roadways leading to the beaches of Cala Luna and Cala Goloritzè, where above all the vacationers found themselves requesting the intervention of the fire brigade to get out of impervious paths on steep ridges, accessible only to feet. Some municipalities in Sardinia, such as that of Baunei (in Ogliastra), have decided to install some “anti Google Maps” road signs, thanks to which motorists are advised not to pay attention to the indications provided by the navigator of Bigg. Below you can see an example.

In the next few days these panels will be placed in the streets for Margin towards Bidonie-Trekking for Cala Luna

Gepostet von Municipality of Baunei – Santa Maria Navarrese am Freitag, 4. Oktober 2019

Many users have tried to report the problem to the research giant, which however would always respond in the same way: "We thank you for reporting, we will verify it". Time passes, things don't change. For American society, those roads continue to be viable and end up only causing trouble for drivers, who relying on Google Maps are unaware that they are on a road that is not easily accessible.

It is not the only example of how the Mountain View company's navigation app sometimes drives motorists on unlikely roads. At the beginning of this summer, for example, he drove 100 cars on a muddy road in Colorado, where they remained stuck without being able to move.

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