Siri denies a live TV meteorologist

It lasts the life of meteorologists, especially if they wear an Apple Watch on their wrist. It is when he shows a funny curtain aired a few days ago on BBC, where Siri – Apple's voice assistant – intervened live to deny the weather forecast. An incursion that has not gone unnoticed on social networks, generating hilarity and making the extract of the viral movie.

The unfortunate victim of Siri is Tomasz Schafernaker, highly regarded meteorologist of BBC, intent on explaining to the spectators the weather forecast for the United States. In stressing the possible snowfalls in Denver, after hypothesizing possible snowfall also on European countries overlooking the Atlantic, the expert was interrupted by Apple's robotic voice.

There are no snowfalls.

Most likely, Apple's voice assistant was inadvertently activated by the words "weather forecast" is "snow". As a result, Siri evidently checked the weather in the area where the meteorologist was – but he was talking about far more distant places – confirming the absence of snow.

The incursion of Siri has obviously generated hilarity within the television studio and the meteorologist, always smiling, it was promptly justified:

You probably don't know the place I'm talking about …

As well as specifying 9to5Mac, it is likely that Apple Watch was set to recognize the "Hey Siri" command – obviously wrong – or to activate the voice assistant when the arm is raised. By moving the arm to indicate the images shown on the back screen, Apple Watch must therefore have activated Siri, then interpreting the speech as a request for weather forecasts. It is not the first time that Apple Watch makes its sudden appearance on a television program: some time ago, in fact, a smartwatch was activated during an episode of "The Late Late Show" by James Corden, accidentally detecting the fall of a lady actually sitting.

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