Skype allows you to make video calls with 50 people


I have stopped using Skype for a long time. I run video calls on FaceTime, and Telegram has been my daily communicator for years. And although the communication tool in the Microsoft edition is still being developed and expanded, so my previous adventures with Skype – mainly due to the “refreshed” look of his mobile page, effectively discouraged me. I will not use the new feature, which eventually came to the application, but I know that there are people in the world who have been waiting for this type of function for years.

Group conversations using text are not a problem. Almost every communicator allows exchanging messages between more users. Telegram, WhatsApp or Messenger – each of them can handle it without much effort. The situation is slightly worse in the case of voice or video calls. Until now, it was a big feat to set up a group where you could talk freely on the webcam with several people at the same time. However, when there were more than a dozen of them – the barrier was impossible to cross. Last year, Apple passed a lot of slippage with the introduction of group conversations and FaceTime allowing the participation of 30 people in a combination. This year, another inconvenience was the possibility of eavesdropping on interlocutors without their knowledge, which resulted in the exclusion of this service for several days.

If you think that 30 people at once on a single connection is a lot, Microsoft’s solution will make an even greater impression. At the end of last year, tests included a service that allows for interviewing 50 people at the same time. After a few months, the Skype app is updated with the App Store and Google Play, making this type of connection possible. Due to these changes, new solutions had to be introduced in the application. However, these changes apply to groups that consist of more than 25 users.

When sending an invitation to a larger group, the recipient will not receive a standard bell notification. Instead of “ringing”, a text message with an invitation is sent to him, with the possibility of setting additional sound notifications. With such a large group conversation, the interface of the active connection will also change. Attention will focus on the image of the camera of the person who speaks at a given moment, although users regardless of the “active” interlocutor will be able to determine themselves who will be the most important for them and on whom they will focus their attention.

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